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DC Super Heroes The Ultimate Pop-up Book

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Ein Vorgeschmack auf das neue Buch von Matthew Reinhart:

DC Super Heroes   The Ultimate Pop-up Book

Erscheint Anfang Oktober 2010 im Verlag Little Brown Books
# ISBN-10: 0316019984 # ISBN-13: 978-0316019989
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Circus Zingaro – A Pop-Up Book

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How one Can Think Freely in the Shadow of a Temple

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Neu erschienen:
How one Can Think Freely in the Shadow of a Temple
Pop Up Catalogue von Kostis Velonis by Kunstverein in Hamburg
PopUp Künstlerbuch  Edition von 100 , 8 Seiten , 6 farbige Abbildungen
150,- Euro
Editor : F.Waldvogel, Graphic Design: Christoph Steineggerl, Interkool. Hamburg, 2010

Moby Dick

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pop-up aus den USA

Ein Beitrag zum Themengebiet mediaboxx, geschrieben am 22. Juli 2010 von polly

Aus der Werkstatt eines amerikanischen Gestalters stammen diese origenellen Entwürfe:

no dog no pop-up book

My first pop-up book about dogs…No Dog, No: six reasons not to own a dog. When I was invited to be in a show focused on the theme of dogs, I hesitated. Surely the owners of the gallery knew my position on dogs…don’t like ‘em, don’t want one. It turns out that my dislike of dogs was a key reason in my being asked to be in the show. No Dog, No is the resulting book. While coming up with the images and ideas for each page was a lot of fun, making the book was a big challenge. While I have been making books with moveable structures (volvelles, tunnels, pull-tabs, etc.) for years, this is my first true ‘pop-up’ book, where images pop off of the page. To say it was challenging is an understatement. The learning curve was steep, and I discovered a lot about paper characteristics and engineering.

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tools popup book

A popup book about carpenters tools. Tools have always been fascinating to me, and I think I would have liked to be a woodworker. My father was a carpenter, and brought me up to respect tools. He had many bits of advice that he passed on over the years, and I’ve learned a lot from those words of wisdom (‘measure once, cut twice’ most of all). I enjoyed looking up the definitions for each of the tools, and adding my own ‘alternate’ definitions as well. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in paper engineering while trying to get the drill bit to spin, the saw to make noise, the tape measure to snap back in, etc.

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A Bainbridge ABC pop-up book

A pop-up book about Bainbridge Island, Washington. A Bainbridge ABC is my second foray into true ‘pop-up’ books. I have made many books with moveable structures, but I wanted to make Bainbridge Island come alive and off of the page. Making an ABC book is a challenge in itself, since the subject must lend itself to every letter of the alphabet. Armed with a telephone book and a map, I managed to find something for each letter that related to Bainbridge Island. I also learned quite a bit more about paper engineering and the ups and downs of creating only with paper. All of the paper decoration is done with pochoir and stencils.

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